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Sangam Festival is proud to have produced the following world class Bharatanatyam videos by Bala Devi Chandrashekar.
Sangam Festival holds the complete and sole rights to all the contents of the DVD below.

Sangam Festival Award - Kartik Fine Arts


Bhairav Chandrashekar Mridangam Performance


The Organization

Sangam Festival is an organization to preserve, promote, and present works of world-class Indian classical artists and South Asian Arts - dance and music. Sangam Festival will constantly attempt to establish the confluence of Indian classical music and dance from all parts of India and South Asia while continually exploring the possibility of collaborating with artists from other world traditions.


16th May 2014 - 2014 Award of Excellence presented Dr Pappu Venugopala Rao at Princeton, New Jersey


Sangam Festival?s quality art initiatives will serve as a top quality resource repository of knowledge, resource, encouragement, reference and pillar of support for the arts community in North America. Sangam Festival will strive to educate and instill in the community a sense of appreciation of genuine classical Indian and South Asian performing arts of world class standards, and strive to combine it with the spirit of social responsibility and community service. Activities will include performances, lectures, workshops, Digital resource, Mentoring and financial support for artists. Sangam Festival will be an authentic source for Universities and colleges to augment their Indian Classical, South Asian performing repository through expertise, resource and Knowledge sharing. Sangam Festival has plans to tie up with premier arts organization across the world to facilitate residential exchange programs.